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Headquartered in Munich, Germany, WAPO Ventures is a venture development company that builds, scales and invests in technology companies across the world. Our main focus lies on building early cashflow companies that use technology to simplify processes, remove friction or win market share by mastering user experiences. We strive to work with entrepreneurs who aim to build capital efficient breakout companies. Interested in working with us or need capital to back an idea? Get in touch.




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Our Focus


We have built and scaled several companies in the FinTech space ranking from trading platforms, mobile brokerages as well as financial gaming assets. There is huge opportunity in building companies for the new digital natives to make managing your financial life simpler and easier.


We get very passionate about companies with a clean and simple business model that solve a clear need in a large market. Our focus here tends to be on B2B offerings but we also invest in and build consumer businesses with a clear cashflow angle.


Mobile is the future and the future is now. 80% of internet user access websites first on their mobile devices, in particular in Asia. Whatever we do, mobile is a core focus of our strategy and we tend to build and invest in mobile-first companies that master this channel.


The wave of Direct to Consumer (DTC) is far from over, it’s just getting started. We’re passionate about high-margin eCommerce opportunities that are first-purchase profitable and scale well. Got an idea that needs funding and execution help? Get in touch.


Most platforms still underestimate the power of clean and simple user interfaces which are critical to winning market share in competitive industries. We are seeing billion-dollar companies that take massive market share purely by focusing on creating amazing and intuitive user experiences.


We reserve a portion of our capital for investments in opportunities that have the chance to become multi-billion companies. These are typically high-risk, high-reward opportunities that we select very carefully. We typically get involved at the pre-seed prototype stage.


The true entrepreneur is a doer. Not a dreamer.
— Nolan Bushnell


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